Hello, my name is Rob op den Kelder

I'm a principle software engineer and passionate about collaborating with exceptional individuals on technological challanges.

Stakeholder management
Rob op den Kelder

Leader & mentor

Multi-year experienced as an open-minded leader. Passitioned being the force multiplier to achieve results. Setting and defining example for local teams and wider engineering organisation. Building for success and career progression within the teams. Strong believer of lead by example and not afriad to get his hands "dirty". Experience large product teams of up to 40 technical employees in enterprise organsations.

Software Engineer Mindset

Over 14 years of software engineering experience. Leading and delivering multiple projects and products from concept to launch. From monoliths to scalable distributed microservices architectures.


Using past experience and network to build solutions that are build for the future. Delivering product that are ready to be supported and maintained for multiple years by using proven technology.

Highlighted roles

An overview of the most relevant work experience in the last few years.